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Until Nov 1st that is. Unless of course you want a deluxe website. I can count on you. Your bosses.

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This matter has already incapacitated me for 3 solid days of grieving, knowing I had no more money to spend with you and could not eat this month. No car, no aid. Miles to walk to a business area where there would be fast food trashcans to eat from. To get to a market dumpster I'd have to walk a few miles to a market.

Most dumpsters are locked these days. Here is one on dumpster diving. I rent a room, I have no car, no way to get food. I NEED foot traffic to my website. One can survive on rice and water. In November or December the alleys have guavas. This Earthlink group can only get seniors and other dumb, non-tech people to even sign up with them which I stupidly did 20 years ago.

Natal charts. This is unlawful restraint of trade isn't it? I tried to get a fourth website, tried to load it but this huge billion buck corporation stopped helping me their software no longer worked, so in practice and fact, they refused to give me a 4th website of the 10 they promise when you sign up.

Earthlink stopped at 3 websites, so I had to stop. The three little doghouses they gave me were not enough space! They sell junk. Their high falooting spiel is lies. It's like renting a house and you pay their high high fees and get into the house and find it's 20 square feet!

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AND no visitors are allowed. THe others do not. I can't find tekkies, pay them to do those ads all over again. I've had very few visitors in the 20 years I am with them. FOR 20 years nobody came to my site. They won't give us a decent website name. The noose is around our neck and our feet! Nobody can leave. That's called slavery! I thought you might be interested in this class action.

Face Reading Session by Dr Anita Singh Astrologer.

I am a freebie writer. All my files common cause, meaning anyone can reprint as they wish no charge.

For me, that's 10thousand dollars I think. My math skills are rather poor. EarthLink Cons: Shut you down every month, High cost of an isp 40bucks, Tekkies in india said no hope lady. Review is a subjective opinion of PissedConsumer Comment the review as EarthLink verified representative.

Write a private message as EarthLink verified representative. Nothing held back! The MONICA can see and realize all your deepest buried potential, every fantasy you ever had because all you've ever done or ever will DO has left its trace on your hairy palm! We study this coming year from all angles. We warn you of every danger, every potential takeover, anywhere you could lose. We help you plot the way to knock their ass to Cuba. Or if it's Al Gore, show you how to send him back to the cotton plantation.

Tell us what you want, who you want put away we do it for you.

Connecting with Intense Emotions: Going Deep by Martha Lasley

Give just one party with MOON conjunct JUPITER and your festive occasions will get written up in the newspapers and your relatives can get high profile cabinet appointments, get elected to office and so you can go off and marry foreign men with yachts. We see to your survival for the next thirty days and do that every month, a week at a time, it comes Monday mornings to your email box as an URL or html file. We scrutinize those 7 days, hour by hour, make predictions, suggest 'best use. The first, best and ONLY palmistry lesson you are going to need in your life.

But now as it's on my web page, it's totally free.

Tarot Tribe - Beyond Worlds

If you had the Bible on your e-mail, you could print it out and have a book. Share it if you like. It's the Christian thing to do. As Jimmy is into charitable habitat this is a freebie.

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No sucking you in and in and into deeper waters each time. If a palmist sins in her heart it IS a sin! The most the most fairly priced, best and certainly the cheapest being FREE , most democratic palmistry book anywhere at any price. And everything in it is TRUE. TRUE, you hear? You won't believe how much this knowledge will uplift your family life. You will not only amaze, amuse and astound your family and friends as you read their palms, you will also be empowered to read palms the way you now read words on a page. You will learn people's deepest darkest secrets without their even knowing you did so.

Because The Rosalyn is without guile, sweet. She just takes your hand and says 'mah I see your hand, sir??? These poor boobies missed exploring their true talents, possibly because they never saw them. There's no reason for that NOW! Not rug rats. No, we're talking jobs, careers, hobbies. Nobody in their right mind would marry Gerry Ford. But what if you could be given a magic lantern, and in it, see what a decent guy he was, or what his true place in history would be and see what the TWO of you would add up to?

So we do a chart comparison. And this doesn't have to be sweethearts.

We can compare you and any tycoon you work with, you and a pal, you and a KID. You and your fav movie star. Give me both your DOB's and we do a compatability analysis that will predict if he can get you to the White House or bore the pants off you and drive you to drink! Study business? Get hired by a big corporation or just sit home and daytrade, invest your piggie bank's contents? Or hit a local college? Get a PH. And which study discipline?