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Chris Pratt strongly identifies with his faith and is extremely proud of it. If you are also extremely attached to a belief or religion, he might be a Gemini you totally identify with. She is known not only for her perfect face but also her amazing acting skills.

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But what sets her apart from the other Geminis is her maternal nature and commitment to human rights. Colin Farrell retains that image of man-child many Geminis are known for!

But underneath it all, he seems to hold real depth and emotions. If you are someone who has this Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde like personality, you may see yourself in this extremely good looking Gemini! This woman has beauty and talent. What more could you ask for? Hold on I know, right!

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She seems to be the complete package. So if you are a beautiful Gemini with talents and intellect, Lana Del Rey is your twin soul! Comedian, activist, author and actor, this guy has inspired many through his success. But he has also suffered much from mental health issues and drug abuse in the past only to come out stronger.

If you are a Gemini who has been through a lot and still have the courage to fight, Russell Brand is your man! One of the prettiest celebs, I swear! Be inspired by her, Gemini. Are you the goofball of your friend and were you named the class clown?

Aly Raisman

Heidi Klum. Wentworth Miller.

Anderson Cooper. Angelina Jolie. Mark Wahlberg. Liza Weil. Iggy Azalea. Michael Cera. Bill Hader. Liam Neeson. Emily Ratajkowski. Kanye West.


These are the zodiac signs with the most billionaires — and the least

Natalie Portman. Kate Upton. Shia LaBeouf.

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Peter Dinklage. Adriana Lima. Chris Evans. Kat Dennings. Lucy Hale. Neil Patrick Harris. Venus Williams. KJ Apa. Kendrick Lamar.

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Paul McCartney. Blake Shelton. Paula Abdul. Nicole Kidman. Freelancer BI Photo.