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If you are not in relationship, you may not want to be in relationship this year at least for some time period. You may not be so connected to your partner emotionally, this year or there may be a problem that both of you may have like differences in opinions, interest this year. If you are in relationship, you may continue to be in relationship because of some individual reasons or you may still fight back or face the problem you come across.

Tarot and the Sign Libra - The Justice Card

You may have good will power or may try your best to still work on or finding ways to improve or hold on if you are in relationship. Things may go the opposite way or some way that you may have never thought of. You may face problem all of sudden or some problem may come unexpectedly. You may be thinking too much or may be taking too much of worries.

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You may be taking too much of responsibilities which is getting tough for you to carry on. Learn to delegate responsibilities like you may be thinking I can do this perfectly well. There may be difference in opinion and thinking pattern. You might have to face lot of competitions this year. There may be struggles and rivalry that you might be facing this year. Situations can be quite tough and demanding. Try and avoid conflicts this year.

You may be occupied with stress and anxiety and may be finding it tough to overcome. You need to become strong and learn to move ahead in life.

Tarot Justice depicted as Ancient Egyptian Goddess Maat. Sun in Libra

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Libra in Tarot: The Justice Card! [The Zodiac Signs in Tarot Cards] [Zodiac Signs and Tarot]

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stephenhardy.me/toveg-buell-xb12-pdf.php Recent Posts. According to the studies in western astrology, there are 12 different signs standing for 12 periods of a year. By connecting all Although dating is supposed to bring love, joy, and comfort for every person, that is not the case all the time Being intimate with your partner is an essential part of keeping the relationship healthy.

Welcome to the mystical world of a Pisces. A Pisces personality Traits is something you can never calculate but surely count The science of numbers is one of the most intriguing sciences I have come across, And life path numbers is one If you have acted in alignment with your Higher Self and for the greater good of others, you have nothing to worry about. A level of compassion and understanding accompany Justice, and although you may have done something you regret, this card suggests that you will be treated fairly and without bias.

Be ready to take responsibility for your actions and stand accountable for the ensuing consequences.

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If you seek justice, then the Justice card is a positive sign that it will indeed be served. You may be part of a legal case or awaiting final judgement from the courts or a governing body or institution. A ruling will be passed down shortly. Once the decision is made, you must accept it and move on; there are no retrials or second chances with the upright Justice card. The Justice card often appears when you need to make an important choice with the potential for long-term repercussions. Be aware of the impact your decisions will have on your well-being and the well-being of others.

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Choose consciously by connecting with your inner guidance system your intuition and asking for the answer that is most in alignment with the highest good of all. Be ready to stand by your decisions as you will be held to account for the choices you make. At its core, Justice is about the search for truth.

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As you explore your truth, you will discover that things are not as clear-cut as you had thought. Be prepared to dip into the murky waters and explore what truth means to you. Be consciously aware of what you believe to be true and what you believe to be fair and ethical. It may not be as clear-cut as you think, so prepare to challenge yourself and to explore new territories of your belief system.

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