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A professional reading can provide you with the spiritual tools to navigate your way through challenging times. A session with Suzie is empowering, insightful and fun! Intense is the word for this week and the next few weeks as well as Mercury heads into Scorpio. Not satisfied with small talk, Mercury in Scorpio probes for the deeper meaning and will help us [ The sign Libra is ruled by Venus and this change gives us a moment to reflect on all things love and money related.

This week pragmatic Saturn in Capricorn comes out of its 5 month sleep cycle as it turns direct. You may get another shot at things that slowed down or came to a halt back in April. During the [ Gratitude and love goes out to Suzie Kerr Wright for some wonderful insight I received this evening. I just want you to know that a ton of things you had told me about that would happen this year have in fact happened!

Thanks for the accurate forecast.

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I am so glad that you have entered my life and was able to enlighten me. I will be sure to make an in person appt in Nashville. You are a truly amazing woman and I hope people that cross your path in the future realize this. Thanks again Suzie, you are amazing!! She made me feel better with her good input and a lot of new information. I really liked talking to her.

She seemed genuine — that's what I liked the best. And you could feel she truly cared. I had a lot of fun during my reading and the info about my new job. I did get it and really like it-just like you told me. The Reiki was very relaxing and I felt great after my treatment.

Astrogirl – Scorpio – 06 February 2017, Weekly Horoscopes

If you can keep it on the down low — great. And with Mars the planet of passion remaining out of phase in your romance zone, it could fizzle out as quickly as it starts up. Over the weekend, cosmic magic occurs when Venus the planet of love moves into Pisces, her favourite matchmaker in the zodiac.

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Now is a great time to be more focused on finding someone special versus just having fun. Someone to nest with over winter. LIBRA Luckily for you Librans, you have the right amount of patience to deal with the Sun and Uranus team up early this week that could have others clashing and fighting before allowing reason to take over. Mars remains retrograde in your sign and some of you could be feeling rather down on energy. Good news however, this weekend when Venus your ruler and the planet of love and social swirling moves into Pisces, where she is exalted and happy as a cosmic clam.

Venus the goddess of love, light and relationships anoints your sign this weekend — the place where she is exalted and the most content. April is a great month for a makeover — from small to more extreme — it depends on you. Coupled Pisces should make the most of this visit and plan a getaway if you can.

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Over the weekend, Venus the planet of love settles happily into Pisces, your 4th house of home and family. Why not plan something fun for the whole family on Sunday? The very air you breathe really, with Venus the goddess of love and romance moving into Pisces, the sign she is happiest in and your 5th house of romance, self—fulfillment and creativity.

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  7. Committed Scorpions need to use this cosmic gift as a way of finding their way back to their partner if they have indeed drifted off course in any way. TAURUS Saturday is set to be one of the best days of so far with Venus your ruler moving into Pisces, your 11th house of hopes, dreams and wishes and the Venus placement she is happiest in.

    When Venus smiles, you smile Taureans. An introduction through a friend is the best way to meet your special someone. Venus the goddess of love and relationships moves into Pisces, her favourite spot and your one on one relationship zone this Saturday. April is set to be a month of fun, lots of social occasions and for single Virgos, a chance to go on a few dates and allow yourself to be swept off your feet, if only to land again with a thud when the thrill is gone.

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    When asked to comment, do so in carefully and with thought so you neither disappoint nor overwhelm. These are a few words that seem to describe your relationship with a certain person.

    You appear concerned about how you appear in their eyes. Their opinion of you matters greatly. What about your own feelings of self-worth? What are the benefits to you of doing something to make them happy? Prepare to explore such questions in depth, very soon. Click here to discover so much more about yourself or partner. View On WordPress. All of the stifled out outcries come to the surface in the form of a new strategic plan. Reality has set in, we have sat with it, stared into the abyss of all the ways we turn our backs and feign ignorance, and we have got woke.

    Now we envision ourselves in action. Now we make clear and tangible changes in who we are.

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    Now we put our faith in our growth. Now we jump onto the scene with all ourselves, our wisdom, our skill, our insight, and put these resources towards becoming agents of change. Can you set up some structures today to work towards becoming that person who habitually does those things? Habit-forming systems can be tricky - they need to be personalized to our own calibrations, to our personal vibration. Make sure your process is personalized, so that you can trust it to expand your potential on a deep, core level.

    For some of you this energy makes for a great spiritual advisor, or counselor. At this time be about…. If you can avoid rehashing old fights your better for it. For some of you this is starting new projects or new business endeavors.

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    For some of you, you can be very innovative or even….