Venus transit capricorn horoscope

If you are disappointed by the sudden strong lack of signs of affection or of delights, you'd better focus on your hierarchy: less playful but more profitable adventures are soon to come! Taurus :With the entrance of Venus in the friendly sign as structured as Capricorn, your relations will gain some lucky developments in these coming weeks.

Your affective bonds, both in love and friendship, will stabilize and then anchor in duration, the fortune is smiling to you. Unexpected gains and magical acquaintances are probable. This transit has a deep influence on the sphere of your highest ideals. It will bring essence to your desires and concretize your aspirations. Reinforced and purified, the universe of your relations will provide you great satisfaction throughout this period.

Money and Career

Gemini :After an agitated period full of new acquaintances and various contacts, the sky is calming down and nudging you to a strategic retreat. Throughout these coming weeks your satisfactions are hiding in solitude or at least in your private life. Even if the atmosphere is not the most festive one to your taste, it has a merit of anchoring your acquisitions in terms of duration and security. It is by virtue of this "capital", both in literal or figurative sense that you will be able to deploy new construction projects in several weeks' time.

Having well prepared your various investments, financial as well as affective, you will move forward on the firm land towards rewarding results. Cancer :A lovely period of affective satisfaction is opening for you with the entrance of Venus in your complementary sign. Relations are becoming more discreet but much more profound.

All superficiality or forged simplicity of these recent weeks will give way to more elevated, more personal and especially more reasoned and better structured relations. For some, this means important decisions in the contracting field, like for instance marriage or foundation of an association. In any case you can give the best development to your situation in the domain of unions and matrimony. Leo :The entrance of Venus in Capricorn means for you the end of a multicolour period when you had an occasion to create something or to launch a new relation.

During the coming weeks the atmosphere will quiet down and incite you to deepen in daily life what you have so easily obtained. In finance as well as in love or simply in relations, your bonds will now get structured and in the long view will give rise to tangible and long-standing results. Your routine will be less fascinating but more constructive than the last month.

Venus in Capricorn

As a matter of fact, mere routine will turn out to be gainful. In any case, this sphere will be in the spotlight with Venus entering Capricorn.

If during the last weeks you have come through a stressing routine in your affective field, your daily life is now going to sparkle with new delights and strengthened ties that could encourage you for the long term. From the financial point of view this transit promises measured spending and rational investments. You've got just a month to concretize this potential granted to you by heaven. The reserved and serious climate going with this transit can naturally put you at ease and make you particularly receptive to any sign of interest.

Libra :After a pleasing period of highly stimulating contacts and affective relations, Venus in Capricorn suggests a more austere climate that could undermine your morale to a certain degree if you don't grasp the sense and advantage of this aspect acting at the level of your family nest. Time has come to consolidate your family bonds, replenish them with essence and durability. Profit therefore from these several weeks much more peaceful in what concerns relations to structure in the best way relations with your close ones.

In the same field of ideas, an investment into real estate or relocation is quite possible. Scorpio :Venus is leaving the sector of your investments and expenses both in finance and love; it will now occupy the sector of your close neighbourhood. For some of you this will mean strengthening bonds with brothers and sisters, for others the accent will be on the communication arts journalists, writers and salespeople.

For everyone, the entrance of Venus in Capricorn presents great opportunities of reinforcing their situation among their close ones or of achieving real success in their field of activity.

Natal Venus in Capricorn

Deep and long-lasting relations entailed by this transit have everything for lighting up your existence for several weeks. From 20 th February, Sun enters a dual nature last of water sign Pisces. Sun moves through the Third house, for your sign. From 21 st March, Sun enters its sign of exaltation fire sign Aries. Sun now moves through the 4 th house your sign. From 20 th April Sun enters earth sign Taurus. Sun now moves through the Fifth house for your sign. From 21 st May, Sun enters a dual nature first of air sign Gemini. Sun moves through the 6 th house, for your sign.

From 21 st June Sun enters a water sign Cancer. Sun moves through the 7 th house your sign. From 23 rd July Sun enters own sign Leo and moves through the 8 th house for your sign. From 23 rd August Sun enters a dual nature earth sign Virgo. Sun moves through the 9 th house your sign.

From 23 rd September Sun enters its sign of debilitation Libra. Sun moves through the 10 th house your sign. From 23 rd October, Sun enters a fix nature water sign Scorpio. Sun moves through the 11 th house, for your sign.

Astro Predictions :

From 22 nd November, Sun enters last of fire sign Sagittarius. Sun moves through the 12 th House your sign. Sun enters last of earth sign Capricorn from 22 nd December and moves through your sign, till end of the year Moon is the fastest moving planet and owing to its speed it takes approximately 2 and half days to transit from one sign to another zodiac sign. Moon keeps on moving in the same speed from Taurus to Aries throughout the year. At the beginning Mars transits in own sign Scorpio and moves through the 11 th house for your sign.

Soon from 4 th January, Mars enters last of fire sign Sagittarius. Mars moves through the 12 th house for your sign.

From 17 th February, Mars enters its sign of exaltation Capricorn. Mars moves through your sign.

The Transit of Venus

Mars enters last of air sign Aquarius from 31 st March. Mars moves through the Second house for your sign.

From 14 th May, Mars enters a dual nature last of water sign Pisces. Mars moves through the 3 rd house for your sign. Mars enters own sign Aries from 29 th June. Mars moves through the Fourth house for your sign. From 10 th September, Mars turns retrograde. Mars becomes direct in motion from 14 th November in own sign Aries. Mars keeps transiting in own sign Aries till end of the year Mercury at the beginning transits in last of earth sign Capricorn.